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Wall Fence

Wall Fence

Electric partition (wall fence), as its name suggests, is a system that can be installed anywhere indoors and outdoors by acting as a fence when it is open and as a wall when it is closed. It is a patented product of BNC Technology. (Patent No. 10-1972369: Moving wall with adjustable height) It is controlled by French Somfy motor and remote controller, so the operation is simple and the aluminium frame can present the desired color. Tempered glass is designed to be safe, resistant to strong winds and shocks, is easy to maintain and clean, and easy to replace.

When installed in offices, restaurants, hotels, cafes and terrace structures, the veranda space covered by the partition is well secured, with excellent sound-proofing and heat dissipation. The compact nature of the partition creates a spacious ambience whilst maintaining beautiful views.

How to configure

Technical features | Feature Guide

  • 9×12 Cm Aluminium Side Vertical Rails : 9×12 Cm
  • 12×13 Cm Aluminium Top Horizontal Box : 12×13 Cm
  • How it works : by Remote control switch
  • Somfy Drive Motor : Somfy
  • Material : Tempered Glass-8mm / Polycarbonate-10mm / Fabric
  • Finish coating : powder coating (specified color)