New paradigm of housing culture

Electric, Manual Roll Screen

Electric roll screen | Introduction of item

30 years since electric motors were introduced in the local markers! At the early stage, electric roll screens were mostly used to improve the work environment of office buildings, but nowadays they are popularized and are widely used in offices as well as residential areas, and are applied to various products such as electric roll screens, electric wood, and electric curtains. The initial investment is high, but new solar power control, comfortable indoor thermal environment, convenience and energy savings, and advanced electric awning system that further increase the value of the building can provide the comfort of the work environment as well as the energy saving effect. Please try the new architectural culture


Introducing Central control system | SYSTEM

Somfy’s central control system automatically controls the sunshade according to changes in the altitude angle of the sun and the temperature to provide the most comfortable environment for the indoor occupants. With the central control system, not only the awning, but also the lighting control, HVAC control, and KNX / EIB product lines can be networked to achieve cost savings through the integrated energy management of the building. Also, various functions can be implemented. With wireless LAN-based application being possible, you can use a smartphone for controlling the systems. In addition, it can be integrated and controlled with a single control system in connection with systems such as air conditioning, electric power, access control and elevator control installed in the building, and can be monitored and controlled remotely. It is linked with the fire (fire detection) system installed in the building, so it can ensure the safety of the indoor occupants by operating the smoke exhaust window in case of fire.

-Excerpred from SOMFY home page

Features of the electric sunshade system

  • The initial investment is high, but the viable return of investment thanks to energy saving effect
  • Convenience thanks to automatic control (comfortable environment creation)
  • It prevents the direct transmission of light to eliminate unpleasantness and prevent discoloration of indoor appliances and equipment.
  • Privacy is guaranteed and greenhouse phenomenon prevention available.

Motor features

  • No extra space required for motor mounting
  • Built-in basic parts for motor operation (limit, condenser, temperature sensor, brake, reducer, etc.)
  • Concise motor line (blue, brown, black, yellow & green)
  • Built-in overheat protection
  • Variable capacity and speed
  • Approved various international standards


The Animeo IB + system is an electric shade management system that maintains a pleasant working environment by controlling the amount of insolation and glare that enters the interior, and also saves energy and secures visual comfort and thermal comfort by controlling the inflow and blocking of natural light.



  • Control electric shades according to variables of external climatic conditions and building management system
  • Maintain comfort in the activity space by optimizing daylight by sensor
  • For your convenience, you can freely disable any automatic control functions except safety functions.
  • The PC-based operating system can check the set values and the history of all events generated
  • It can be controlled according to weather condition and time with the variation of min 8 zones to max 16 zones.

ANIMEO IB+ SYSTEM Operating software

  • In the central control room, the awnings of the entire building can be controlled through a PC, and the zones can be controlled via dividing the area by floor or by surface.
  • It can be operated by setting different operation mode for each zone
  • With the weather sensor being installed, it operates automatically according to the weather condition.
  • Schedule control for automatic operation at the specified time with a timer
  • It be operated via switch or remote control for user convenience
  • Integrate control with facility system such as firefighting, cooling and heating by interacting with BMS