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Ceiling blinds (NEW F.T.S)

Ceiling blinds | New F.T.S

Pneumatic Method | NEW-FTS features

DivisionFTS (Existing Product)NEW-FTS (developed product)
Main components
  • Two motors at the front and rear side
  • Consisting of F.T.S Controller
  • 1 unit of motor
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Consisting of GUIDE RAIL
Manufacturing and installation method
  • 2 units of motors installed
  • Need electrical piping / wiring work by installing a separate dedicated controller
  • Need electrical piping / wiring work by installing a separate dedicated controller
  • Need structure for separately fixing motor
  • Professional installation required
  • 1 unit of motor installation
  • No need to install a separate controller
  • Installation of unified product through assembly process (no additional accessories required)
  • Able to Install on the existing window frame, etc.
  • Even beginners can install by learning the installation method in a short time
Shade effect
  • 90% blocking rate
  • Nearly 100% blocking rate
Product durability
  • Fabric tension loss and deformation occur during long-term use due to limitations of the two motor system
  • When installed on the exterior surface, the product’s operating capacity can be affected negatively by the environmental conditions
  • Maintains vertical and horizontal tension via pneumatic device and fabric processing, so there is no phenomenon of fabric sagging or deformation even in long-term use
  • No reduction in the product’s operating capacity due to the environment when installed on the exterior surface (wind pressure test report secured)
Product appearance
  • Impaired aesthetic design due to exposed visible components especially the wires and strings required to maintain tension of the fabric. Gradual sagging of fabric sheet with gravity
  • Clean and sleek design which enables simple integration into the existing window structure, with reduced tendency of fabric sagging
Maintenance of fabric tension
  • Fabric tension maintained consistently via synchronous operation of a single bidirectional cylindrical motor
  • Two motors, one on each end of the fabric sheet, rotate in opposite directions but are active in a staggered fashion instead of running simultaneously, leading to laxity of the fabric sheet tension during protraction/retraction.
  • Able to maintain vertical tension of fabric via pneumatic device
  • Able to maintain horizontal tension and prevent separation from the GUIDE RAIL

Improvements | NEW-FTS

  • No gap between fabric sheet and frame of window
  • Minimises tilting of the LEADING BAR
  • Absence of visible pulley and wire straps that obstruct the window view
  • Eliminates gap of light between fabric sheet and window frame as a side effect from using a pulley
  • No need to use F.T.S controller
  • Cost reduction with ONE MOTOR SYSTEM
  • No need for ONE MOTOR and F.T.S controller, enabling electrical piping / wiring easy and also electric wiring cost be reduced

Installation cases